The price range is another thing people love. Some people get a standing mat to go along with it, it’s an individual preference. The Stand Up Desk Store Split Top Electric 60” desk comes with a powder finish which gives the platform a bit of texture, while keeping it smooth for writing. It will support up to 176 lbs. The unique thing about this desk is the PowerHub that comes included, and it sports 3 AC outlets and 2 USB ports that will help you be more efficient, and have everything you need nearby. And it's even better when that design matches your own personal style. The Vari Electric is another great standing desk that many reviewers literally stand by. Electric Standing Desks. Assembly should be easy; the product comes with pre-installed anchors and tools included. Now that we’re fully working from home (going on 6 months now!) Variable frame width for the use of plates with a width of 120-200 cm. Ergonomic Motorized sit to Stand up Home Commercial Office Table. Sold and shipped by Techorbits. By hand. The VIVO Black Electric Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk offers a nice curved design of the desk, and a solid steel frame to hold it all together. The UPLIFT height adjustable desk frames are compatible with nearly any desktop. How do I install the table top / desktop? It also offers the highest weight capacity, widest array of features - and as the name implies - quickest setup. You'll see how our Texas factory designs with passion to make an electric desk with soul. The Element desk frame offers one of the smallest MINIMUM widths on the market at just over 33”. This fine piece of sturdy craftsmanship with a weight capacity of 176 pounds and a height range of 28.7”–48.4”. The Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk (EN1B+R4830B) I tested retails for $349, but you can purchase the standalone EN1 frame for a … The Stand Up Desk Split Top offers the healthy convenience of an electric adjustable desk at an amazing price point. These design objects give meaning to a space. Uplift’s crossbar-enhanced standing desk is more stable than most rivals, and it’s fast and smooth in operation. But if you need something portable and just don’t have too much space, a portable drafting board is a great solution. Electric Standing Desk Frame With 47 x 24 Tabletop - Motorized Workstation Telescopic Sit Stand Height Adjustment. It is the strongest desk on our list, with the ability to hold up to 350 lbs. Sale Sold out. They have a distinct advantage over most manually-operated desks in speed, convenience, and performance, but tend to cost more than their crank-operated cousins. This electric height-adjustable sit and stand desk from FlexiSpot does the job perfectly. Regular price $249.95 Sale price $249.95 Regular price. Assembly requires a little bit of effort, but it’s not impossible. In reality most people won’t need a desk that holds above 200 lbs, but the trick is the smoothness of the height adjustment. Save up to 3 favourite working heights with the programmable controls. Rectangular Black Standing Desks with Adjustable Height Get more active throughout your day with Get more active throughout your day with Seville Classics AIRLIFT Gas-Spring Standing Desk Converter. Memorizes up to 3 height settings. 19 Innovative Designs This is the feature that most manufacturers don’t mention and don’t want you to think about. People that are taller and use it on maximum height have noticed some wobble while they work. PrimeCables® Electric Sit to Stand Adjustable Desk Riser Frame (Table Top Not Included) - White CE & FCC listed only, Electric Height Adjustable Desk, 28.7" - 48" height, 45" width Long time sitting remind The manufacturers have great customer care, so if something is missing they ship it right away. Product offering includes computer and TV screen mounting, desk frames, height adjustable desk risers, desk accessories, carts, whiteboards, PC case mounting, speaker mounting, and many ergonomic solutions. Hopefully after reading our extensive list of Best Electric Standing Desks In 2019 you have a much clearer idea for your perfect workstation. Walnew Electric Standing Desk: $359.99 $259.99 at Walmart This Walnew desk has a sturdy metal frame plus electric motor, and allows you to have presets for four different height levels. The PRO Series electric standing desk offers unrivaled stability, which is the most important thing when working from a standing position. $279.99. VIVO Compact Electric Stand Up Desk Frame for 34 to 71 inch Table Tops, Single Motor Ergonomic Standing Height Adjustable Base with Controller, Black, DESK-E151EB. Choose the electric standing desk frame colour (black, grey, white) and height range (27.2-45.3" or 26.1-51.6" ) that suits your physique. Electric Standing Desk Frame This height adjustable table frame make it possible that you can process your own suitable posture during working,avoid the unhealthy strain on your back and neck.With this ergonomic design desk frame,you can choose sit or stand,suitable height and posture as you wish. The Ergonomics Health Association helps you implement safe workplace habits. Ribelli Height Adjustable Standing Desk without Electricity MDF Table Top Steel Frame approx. Sale +2 Colors Available in 2 Colors. Optional solid bamboo desktop (available in 60x30" and 48x30") looks wonderful. UNICOO - Electric Dual Motor Standing Desk (White Frame/Nature Top) Regular price $499.99 Sale price $389.99 UNICOO - Electric Stand Up Desk Dual Motor, 3 Stage Up Lifting Legs with 1 Inch Thick Bamboo Table Top, LED 4 Memory Control Keypad (Black Dual Motor Frame/Bamboo Antique Brown Top) Explore Vintage The desk was well made and will hold the recommended weight without any wobble. Assembly can be tricky if you’re not experienced, so if you feel unsure order it with assembly. The electric feature is available for full standing desks and also adjustable converters. Available in Grey Frame / White Top Black Frame / Wood Top Black Frame /Black Top. BEKANT desk underframes Our BEKANT table legs are reliable, sturdy workers that do the job you hire them to do. It is operated with the press of a button, and you have 4 height presets to choose from. 12 Electric Desks | Shop The Collection . $249.95. it’s become a real priority to get a proper home office desk. Toggle menu. £201.99 £ 201. Over 200 desktops & 40 frame choices. Every Xdesk exudes fascinating appeal, setting them far apart from every This is especially true if you decide to invest in a good quality product. Stand up and avoid the potential health risks from unhealthy sedentary behaviors like excessive sitting with this desk-on-desk style workstation in black; the top tier (30.3 in. $199.99. you can see it. Realistically only the Varidesk Pro Desk 60 Full Electric didn’t have any complaints about stability. Overview • High-quality laminated desktop (140 x 70 *2.5cm)• Dual motors - faster adjustment speeds (38mm/s)• A loading capacity of 120kg (1200N)• Adjustment Speed: 38mm/s. Not only am I able to get off my butt and stay working, I also have room for more plant babies. A+ Customer Support!Time to upgrade your desk… Vivien Alick . Anyone that has constantly messed with levers and cranks will appreciate this change. This product comes packaged well and the Styrofoam prevents it from being damaged. They like the ease of height adjustment and the spacious work area. The Xdesk electric standing desk is classic, steeped in tradition and eminently practical. There are a lot of variables that are in play and which is better depends on the specific motors that are used. The adjustable standing desk frame has 2 motors, memory, and adjusts in width to accommodate a range of desktop sizes. Most of the people that bought the product love it. Electric Desk Frame Height Adjustable Motorized Sit Stand Desk Legs . Unit price / per . Watch the Vintage Film. We noticed some dissatisfaction with the colors of the desk platform, they’re not as vibrant as the photo, and the dark wood is not that dark. Dual 2 Motors. Minimum plate depth 60 cm. An uncompromising declaration of individuality. In the long run this feature is extremely important. Single motor 2-stage frame; Keypad w/ digital display and 3 programmable height presets; Height range from 29" - 48.6" Rating: 99. Here are my favorite electric standing desks based on ergonomics, quality, price, and customer satisfaction. Ships same Day! Also it is quite massive so be prepared for that. The only downside is the stability of the desk once you place a bit heavier objects on the upper platform. The VIVO desk is electric and you’ll be able to change heights on a nice looking touch screen. the sculpted aluminum or time worn patina pleases, excites and invites. Xdesk delivers a confident demeanor and strong character. It goes up and down with ease, but the motor is a bit audible. They’re metal table legs that are powder-coated in different color options to match your décor with cable management nets to cut your clutter. Since it comes assembled, all you have to do is simply plug it and use it. You can switch between sitting and standing throughout a long work day by the standing desk. We offer two desk range options: Extended-range and Mid-range. The base of this workstation has longer bars that should keep it stable. For example the VIVO Black Electric Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk holds up to 176 lbs, but if you go overboard it will lose some of its stability. The Best Futuristic Zero Gravity Desk Workstations, Assembly requires some technical knowledge. People love the small footprint of the desk, and usually opt for this model when trying to save space and money. Light touch, smooth adjustmentsThe standard electric height-adjustable desk frame ensures smooth and comfortable transitions.Super stable and whisper-quietExperience industry-leadi a Target Plus™ partner. More leg room and flexibility to add a bike. 10 year warranty. This is the main difference between high-end products like Varidesk and cheap Chinese brands. Quiet dual motor mechanism. £299.99 £ 299. The key is the EZ assemble frame design. Using the smart remote, transition seamlessly and silently between sitting and standing. The all-new 2019 Xdesk models bring second generation patent-pending technologies to life. ErgoConvert Electric Sit Stand Desk Converter. Watch the film. Please enter your e-mail below to receive the latest news, promotions, and discounts from AnthroDesk. FitDesk Bikes Review: The Best Office Bikes? 7-Year Warranty. Black / White / Gray. The cable management system found in the back of the desk allows you to keep your workspace tidy. Suscribe to Our Newsletter. Assembly should be a breeze. TechOrbits. We have the professional production team and strong marketing team. Save extra $10 in cart; Single motor 2-stage frame w/ basic up-down keypad; Height range from 29" - 48.6" Rating: 99. This feature often gets overlooked and people end up with incorrect ergonomic position. Available in Grey Frame / White Top Black Frame / Wood Top Black Frame /Black Top. We've been making electric standing desks for a decade and use premium motors and … At 36 inches wide, this adjustable desk is perfect for those with a dual monitor setup or a larger workspace. Height Adjustable Motorized Standing Desk Frame for Home Office and More White. It is quite heavy so make sure you have someone to help you with assembly. Seville Classics airLIFT PRO 35.4" Electric Sit-Stand Desk Riser with USB Charging Port & Tablet Slot Electric Motor lifts up to 18.9" high, Allowing Most Table Tops to Convert to a Sit-stand Desk ... Steel Frame with MDF Top; Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 372 reviews. Evodesk engineered the electric columns at a 45˚ angle for greater lateral stability. The keyboard tray is really wide, and you can plan on placing a gaming keyboard without a problem. Assembly should be easy there are 3 different parts that need to be put together. The Xdesk design is classic, steeped in tradition and eminently practical. FEATURED BLOG POSTS. Out of stock. FEZIBO standing desk is a height adjustable desk that helps promote better posture, reduce back and neck pain, promote blood circulation, and reduce the risk of other diseases. • Ergonomic Office Chairs - help to alleviate or heal from your back and other bodily muscle aches, pain or tension. They say it is built like a tank – made with high-quality materials. If you’re looking for convenience and ease of use, then an electric standing desk is probably for you. 4.8 Write your review. You will have enough space for two monitors and a keyboard. Most manufacturers seem to be competing on the amount of weight their desk can hold. Also the keyboard tray is removable, but you’ll have to physically remove the bolts holding it with a hex tool. Placing heavy components on a desk that’s not well designed will strain the motor giving the product a shorter life-span. It also changes the dividing the desk into two sections for more versatility. It is powered with an electric lift system that makes height adjustment effortless. The Varidesk Pro Desk Electric offers a lot in terms of smart design, and having enough space (60 inches in width) for multiple monitors and some gadgets. $199.99 $ 199. It is in the higher price range, so you definitely get what you pay for with this one. And a spark to one's emotions. Add to Compare. The 71” Triple Motor Electric L-Shaped Desk / Standing Desk with EZ Assemble Frame is our most spacious standing desk model. The Xdesk electric standing desk is classic, steeped in tradition and eminently practical. This model is electric and you’ll be able to change heights with the push of a button; well to be honest you hold it down. The manufacturer sends the platform and legs separately, you will have the task to put them together, and you won’t need any tools for that. Free Shipping; 30 Day Free Returns with Free Return Shipping; 10 Year Warranty ; Sign in; Live Chat (800) 349-3839; Visit Our Showroom in Austin. View More. Free shipping . People love this desk. Amazon Link: ELECTRIC LIFT SYSTEM - Powerful smooth single motor lift system with level rise and 0.8”per second lift speed. Frederic Height Adjustable Standing Desk. Rise UP Electric Adjustable Height Width Standing Desk Legs Frame Base. Some of the key features that make the PRO Series so popular with our customers are: Designed for stability, limiting any wobble that occurs when working in a standing position. Submit. The perfect solution for small home office applications. TechOrbits Electric Standing Desk Frame With 47 x 24 Tabletop - Motorized Workstation Two Leg Stand Up Desk With Memory Settings And Telescopic Sit Stand Height Adjustment. So when you decide to get an electric standing desk, get one with a higher height range, and that will ensure it is fully adjustable for you. Some desks might get ‘stuck’ due to faulty electronics, and after that you might need to return your product. We believe that the best standing desk frame is the frame that responds quickly and seamlessly to the user’s commands. ... 43" x 24" Electric Desk with Black Frame and Memory Pad. The desk is height adjustable and you can even program 3 height settings that definitely save you time and hassle, especially since the desk is operated with the press of a button. 30.3 in. 72.5-109.5 cm Brown. The Xdesk electric standing desk is classic, steeped in tradition and eminently practical. In a world where fewer and fewer things are made by people that like making, Most customers that got this desk were extremely happy with it. $169.99. SAVE $415. Pneumatic Lift Assist Standing Desks . The beauty that lies the sculpted aluminum or time worn patina pleases, excites and invites. The Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk (EN1B+R4830B) I tested retails for $349, but you can purchase the standalone EN1 frame for a … Seville Classics Airlift S2 Electric Standing Desk, VIVO Black Electric Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk, ApexDesk Elite Series 60″ W Electric Desk, Jarvis Electric Adjustable Height Sit Stand Desk, The Stand Up Desk Store Split Top Electric 60”, Stand Up Desk Store Split Top Electric 60”, VIVO Black Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk, Favorite Electric Standing Desk Converter, Important features of an electric standing desk, The 10 Best Portable Drafting Board Tables, The 10 Best Ergonomic Desks For Teenagers. Add to Wish List. The Stand Up Desk Store Triple Motor Electric L-Shaped Standing Desk Frame + Programmable Memory is our most spacious standing desk frame model. People that have already used crank mechanism desks find this one to be the much needed relief. Stockholm Dual Motor Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk - Black Frame (50) Our all-time best-selling product, the Stockholm is an exceptional “whisper quiet” height adjustable electric standing desk and is made in Sweden to our exacting quality standards Highly Customizable Frame . Built with a powerful dual motor and industrial grade steel frame that can support up to 220 lbs. FINAL PRICE: $237.99. People truly appreciate this desk, especially because it’s sturdy and well designed. While some dual motor desks outperform single motors, this isn’t the case across the board. Free Shipping! The best time we've heard for assembling the Electric Standing Desk was 20 minutes - let us know if you did it in less time! Free shipping . the sculpted aluminum or time worn patina please, excites and invites. Life is best filled with great design. It is a sturdy product that absolutely does what is supposed to. Uplift v2 Commercial 2020 Price: Starting at … Watch the film. Web Code: 12852211. Uplift v2 Commercial Standing Desk – 80/100 Rating. With a delightfully eclectic design and an authentic independent spirit. Electric Stand Up Desk Frame Height Adjustable Single … The cable management system is also good news, and something that people really care about. The Jarvis frame has an industry-leading 350 lbs lifting capacity with heavier steel feet and a lifting column that’s wider at the bottom which means a more grounded desk. Looking for a desktop version of a sit stand? Best-in-class dual motor standing desk frames. Free shipping . And a spark to one's emotions. New anti-collision system with user definable sensitivity. (372) Compare Product. If you can build it, our frames can handle it. Price: Starting at $650. The 3-Stage Reverse Dual Motor Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frame is a minimalistic option and the best sit-stand desk frame if you want something without frills or high costs, perfect for offices, schools, home and most working environments. Top Material: Manufactured Wood; Base Material: Metal ; Height Adjustable: Yes; Assembly Required: Yes; Overall: 48'' H x 60'' W x 24'' D; Opens in a new tab. The upper area will hold a monitor and a lap top or two smaller monitors. It also offers the highest weight capacity, the widest array of features - and as the name implies - quickest setup. This desktop comes with a 3 year warranty. VIVO Black Electric Stand Up Desk Frame, Single Motor Standing Adjustable Base. Available in silver, white or black. These components are usually hidden in the legs of the desk and tell the real story of the quality of the product. Regular price $249.95 Sale price $249.95 Regular price. Features a smooth, silent dual-motor system capable of lifting up to 220 lbs at the press of a button. $199.99. $249.99. 4 Programmable Memory. 4.3 out of 5 stars with 3 reviews. The 71” Triple Motor Electric L-Shaped Desk / Standing Desk with EZ Assemble Frame is our most spacious standing desk model. These design objects give meaning to a space. This product was made with heavy-duty steel and will support up to 264 lbs. Electric Standing Desk Frame With 47 x 24 Tabletop - Motorized Workstation Telescopic Sit Stand Height Adjustment. A+ Customer Support!Time to upgrade your desk… $0. Learn more Otherwise you’ll be putting it together upside-down, and you’ll need another person to help you lift it once you’re finished. MotionGrey Adjustable Dual Motors Electric Sit to Stand Computer Office Standing Desk - Black Frame (Table Top Included) Model Number: MG-TF-3-BK-TT-BK. Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame ET222-EU. The Vivo Height Adjustable Standing Desk is available in a few different sizes too — plus there are a manual version and an electric version, which makes it even more convenient for daily use. Periodically standing throughout the long work day can help relieve tension on the neck, back, and shoulders, as well as increase blood flow and reduce stress. The beauty that lies You don’t want cheap plastic parts that break easily and ruin your overall experience. You can control the height by simply pushing a button and it will memorize up to 4 different heights. Life is best filled with great design. If you need more space you can use a dual monitor mount without any issues. If you want to regularly alternate between a sitting to standing desk, or if you have different users with different body proportions working the same desk at different times, then it’s a good idea to have a sit stand desk that is height adjustable. The Flexpro Power Electric Standing Desk might be the great budget option you were looking for. Watch the film. The Seville Classics Airlift S2 Electric Standing Desk features a sleek design that comes in multiple colors to choose from. When you’re looking to switch desk positions on the fly, you will love the VARIDESK Pro electric standing desk. Transform your large corner desk into a height-adjustable workstation with this solid steel desk frame (DESK-V133E) from VIVO! With a versatile selection of colors on the desk leg, this electric stand up frame arrives ready to work the way you want it to work. You’ve likely heard the saying that it’s more about quality than quantity.